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Pink Sugar

Polskie side

Acrylic and sand on cotton canvas







wisnia druga

Wisnia Druga









By Polish birth and by Italian culture.
My summers were marked by my stay in my mother's birthplace,
in that Poland that imagines itself distant and cold. But my memory is not linked to the frosts of the Vistula but to the long walks in the plain during the short but intense summers in the north, among the fields  overflowing with grain ready to be harvested, among the avenues of cherry trees, in the thick and sometimes dark woods, hopelessly infested by goblins.
Walks punctuated by the echo of the animals, by the sight of a few fawns and the fear of trampling on the sea urchins walking on the reddish sand, resisting  the childish audacity of teasing the anthills with a stick was hard, but hearing the silent vitality of the forest was my daily discovery of the world. 
When you least expected it, the forest opened up to reveal wonderful clearings, which slowly gave way to the endless fields of wheat that distinguish the plains of this fertile land.
Leaving the cool shelter in the woods was unpleasant but I started running through the fields and certainly didn't turn around at any call, I "landed" on a small hill, from where I could dominate the endless row of fields, the total absence of houses it gave the grain the appearance of a great expanse, a golden sea where the ears moved by a light breeze were ruffled, composure was transformed into delicate waves that hypnotized the gaze and surrounded me as if I were on an island. And it is precisely this sensation of enveloping oneself in a rich and shiny nature that led me to paint a series of large and colorful canvases, the use of sand mixed with acrylic allowed me to make the density of the movements perceptible. Gold, copper and warm colors have totalized the spaces of these canvases inspired by the warm and shiny sunsets of the north. 
Tactile paintings, to touch, to perceive the roughness of the surface and then the delicacy of the paint on the canvas, in order to make tangible the physical perception of the sensation of touching the ears of wheat, in another place and in another era.


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